Top 10 Best Tutorial Centers and Their Advantages in the Philippines
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1 Eureka Tutorials amp Learning Center ABOUT The word 226 8364 339 Eureka 226 8364 157 was popularized by the Greek mathematician Archimedes Eureka is a transliteration from the Greek equivalent 226 8364 339 he 195 186 rka 226 8364 157 an interjection used to convey excitement brought by a sudden discovery It means 226 8364 339 I 226 8364 8482 ve found it 226 8364 157 and as the chosen name of tutorial center the expression aptly communicates the joy and excitement that mentors in Eureka feel imparting knowledge to students Established in 2007 by Mr Leonardo known fondly by his students as Teacher A Eureka has distinguished itself as a tutorial center with the most number of full-time professional tutors dedicated in the subtle Art of mentoring As a result of years of mentoring teachers in Eureka are able to mentor a wide array of students including those who are enrolled in international curricula K-12 system such as the International Baccalaureate Program the IGCSE the AP Program and other rigorous academic programs With the recent migration of the Philippines 226 8364 8482 educational system to the K-12 the expertise of teachers in Eureka ranks it as a one-of- a kind tutoring and mentoring center different from other academic centers The Adaptive Method employed by mentors is able to measure the level of the students observe their way of thinking and devise the appropriate program suited for them Eureka offers Academic Training and College Entrance Test review programs for both local and foreign universities Many of Eureka 226 8364 8482 s students have gained admission to the best universities in the Philippines such as UP ADMU DLSU UST MIT as well as the famous universities abroad such as Harvard University Stanford University UC Berkeley UCLA McGill University Canada to name a few Highly acclaimed programs in Eureka include review for College Entrance Tests UPCAT ACET DLSUCET USTET SAT Review Programs both SAT 1 and SAT2 English Language Programs TOEFL TOEIC IELTS TESOL and NMAT Review
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